Freshly minted logos

What is Ready-to-Logo

Creating the right look for your brand is always a good place to begin when starting a new business. And while the best way to do this is work with a designer, like me, to create a unique and memorable logo from scratch that will make your brand stand out, sometimes things like time or budget constratins just don't allow for the type of time or funds that usually go into good logo design. That's were Ready-to-Logo comes in. Browse the below logos and if you see one that you think will work for your brand just follow the easy steps below and we can get it brand ready for you. All the logos have a standard cost that might fit in better with your budget, and they will each only be sold once, so that you can be assured that even though you are buying a ready made logo, you won't end up seeing it somewhere else. New options are always being added so pop back every so often to see what's new.

How it Works

Browse the logos available, decide which fits in best with your business and then click here to fill in the brand form, with the details of your logo. You will need to specify things like the full name and slogan/tagline that needs to appear as part of the logo, as well as any colour changes you would like to see. I will get back to you to let you know if the logo is still available and if your brand will fit with your chosen option. If everything is in order we move on to the next stage in the process.

If your purchase is accepted a full upfront payment is required before work can be done on your chosen logo to customise it to your needs. I will send you the invoice and once this has been paid and proof of payment has been sent through we get to the fun part. All logos are sold on a first come first serve basis and a logo design will only be secured as yours once the deposit payment has been made and I will mark the logo as sold. Please note this invoice is final and non-refundable.

This is where your logo really takes on it’s own personality. Working from your chosen design and the brand from you filled in, I will customise the logo with our company name, slogan and colour choices. A low resolution jpg proof of the updated logo will be sent to you and if needed you can request one set of changes. Any further changes will be charged at my hourly rate. Once you are happy with the edits to your chosen logo the balance of your invoice will be sent through to you

Once the final balance of your invoice has been paid I will create the final files for your logo. The files will be provided in low and high resolution jpgs, web pngs, pdfs and illustrator files. The brand guide mockup will also be provided as pdf and if the option you choose includes patterns and extra design elements on the brand guide you will receive those too. The files will be uploaded to a dropbox folder and an link will be emailed to you for download. You can then get down to using your brand new logo.

The Logos