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Logo and Branding Garagista Beer Co.

When Steve Miller asked me to design a logo for Garagista Beer Co. he had a very definite idea of what the feel of the brand should be. His biggest direction was that it shouldn't be your average craft beer, which catered to the "hipster sensibilities" of today's market. He wanted it to stand out amongst these craft beer brands as something new and unique.

When asked about the name he said "Whilst Italian, the name borrows from the French term "Garagistes" which refers to a group of innovative winemakers in the Bordeaux region, producing "Vins de garage", or "Garage wine". A group emerged in the mid-1990s in reaction to the traditional style of red Bordeaux wine, which is highly tannic and requires long ageing in the bottle to become drinkable. The garagistes developed a style more consistent with perceived international wine tastes. Their wines are typified by small outputs, intense crafting, and premium prices.

Famously, Enzo Ferrari once disparagingly called the upstart, privateer British Grand Prix teams like Lotus "garagista", or mere garage owners/mechanics. Our brand identifies with maverick pioneers like Colin Chapman.

Garagista Beer Co. is a small, committed team literally hand-crafting beer to our own design specifications. We believe the brand and company name refers to creative individuals that triumph over those with greater resources. It stands for a synthesis of creativity, experience and premium quality."

Steve stated "Cars with character are integral to the brand" and using this sentiment as a starting point the logo and label developed from there.

Logo and Branding Garagista Beer Co.

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